Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creative Juice

Okay so it's finally time for a *crafty* post. Woop woop!

The yummy ingredients:
Vintage lucite discs
Shell flowers
Gold-filled & vermeil beads, wire, chain, & findings

Binding (a super duper easy way to jazzy up any jewelry project or component)

I'm pretty happy about how they turned out and I have some ideas for a similar necklace project. I will definitely post pics if it works out ... if not, it will end up in my jewelry graveyard :(

and since we are talking *creative juice,* I must share my daughter's work-in-progress. She's sketching a mural on her bedroom door based on Ed Hardy's tattoo designs. Right now it's in pencil but Grandma took her on a Ben Franklin run for paint so it will be in color soon. I'm glad she's enjoying this creative outlet and I am totally letting her do her own thing on this.

Until next time blog world ...
enjoy life and remember to do things that make you happy :)


  1. wow, will aiyanna sketch on my wall?? that's so cool!

  2. love the earrings! they're so elaborate!

    aiyanna is such an artist! i'd love for her to sketch on my wall too. :)