Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bangs = Asian

It's funny how something as simple as bangs can make you look different.

Ever since I cut my bangs short, people have been commenting:
"Wow, you look so Asian now!"
Is that a compliment?
Did I not look my half-Japanese/half-Okinawan self before?
Cracks me up but I love it.

I think I will google some new hair inspiration.
Part of me wants to chop it for something new but my long hair is my security blanket.
Just not ready to let it go yet.
Holler if you have any new hair ideas :)

Sayonara ♥

p.s. eye shadow strike is overrrrrr. maybe I will also start wearing another color besides black this year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rock the Decade*

Hope everyone had a wonderful & SAFE time celebrating the New Year!
I got a couple of neat shots before my pink camera died.
I guess it had enough of 2009 too ;)

Last year, Jydon & Aiyanna thought it would be fun to have a "who can come up with the neatest sparkler routine" contest. Well, Jydon was jammin' with his sparklers, fancy dance moves, behind the back action ... little did he know, his (brand new, fresh out of the mailbox) jacket was on fire. There he was still dancing his little heart out while his back was smokin'. Eek! The look on his face was classic and no worries, the only thing toasted was his jacket!

So I'm happy to report that everyone survived this year unscathed.

I've decided there will be no *official* New Year's Resolutions for '10 because enlightenment, personal success, and growth are not achieved or defined by a specific date. Therefore, I will continue to add to my "to-do/to-enjoy/to-become" list.
Hopefully, I can check-off the list faster than I can add on.

here's a peep:
hug my kids. listen with my heart.
sew myself a clutch purse.
exercise 3x week minimum.
limit caffeine consumption.
go to Sin City.
knit something.
study holistic approaches to asthma control.
sleep at least six hours a night.
use loving words.

I bought a cute book that I scribble random thoughts, feelings, designs, etc. It has been a great way to get some of that mind clutter out and on to paper.