Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fairs are fun ... for who?

Definitely not everyone! Here I am cracking up at 3am looking through some old pictures I took at the fair. I am convinced this ride provides the best entertainment there. Why??? Let's take a closer look at this picture (click on the pic to super size it) ...

I love how the Dads (my husband is the one in the hat) are having a blast and the kids ... well, not so much lol! I'm sure Rayli will appreciate that Mommy captured 30 shots of her finest moment at the fair!

but she wasn't alone ... can you spot the unhappy kid?

I guess Rayli and Jydon take after their motion-sick Mommy. Yes, take me to Six Flags with you. I'm great at holding purses/bags, taking pictures, and grabbing refreshments :) It's always nice to have a ride-phobic friend like me!

I'm here :)

Wow, has it really taken me over two months to post my first "real" blog entry?!! I guess I was waiting for time ... free time .. to learn everything I need to know about blogging before jumping in. It has always been this "I'm gonna suck at this" fear that holds me back. Ergh! I still don't know a thing about blogging but I just want to let loose ... and post away :)

(It also helps that I found my camera charger, actually took some pictures, and semi-fixed my internet connectivity) ... things are looking better already.

Thought I would post a fun summer beach pic of my four kids. They are headed back to school tomorrow ... yes, already! This officially makes me Mommy to a 6th, 2nd, and 1st grader.

Lil' Rayli (or "Way-li" as she says) will be an only child tomorrow when the kids are in school. She has two reactions when this normally happens: 1) bounce off the walls screaming "the only child rocks" or 2) angelic ... meek as a mouse. For those that know Rayli, I know #2 seems difficult to believe! We will see :)