Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm here :)

Wow, has it really taken me over two months to post my first "real" blog entry?!! I guess I was waiting for time ... free time .. to learn everything I need to know about blogging before jumping in. It has always been this "I'm gonna suck at this" fear that holds me back. Ergh! I still don't know a thing about blogging but I just want to let loose ... and post away :)

(It also helps that I found my camera charger, actually took some pictures, and semi-fixed my internet connectivity) ... things are looking better already.

Thought I would post a fun summer beach pic of my four kids. They are headed back to school tomorrow ... yes, already! This officially makes me Mommy to a 6th, 2nd, and 1st grader.

Lil' Rayli (or "Way-li" as she says) will be an only child tomorrow when the kids are in school. She has two reactions when this normally happens: 1) bounce off the walls screaming "the only child rocks" or 2) angelic ... meek as a mouse. For those that know Rayli, I know #2 seems difficult to believe! We will see :)

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