Friday, August 7, 2009

Creative Chaos?

Maybe I like to call it that because it makes it sound purposeful.

But the truth is, nothing creative has been going on in my bead-room/office for a while. Sadly, the only thing I do when I come in this room is clean, work (on non-fun stuff), and occasionally cry.

So maybe by forcing myself to post "before" pictures, I will feel more inclined to get organized so I can happily post "after" pictures. I would also love to hear your tips on organization &/or de-cluttering. I have soooooo many beads, it's ridiculous!

*** WARNING: serious chaos pictured below (this chick needs help) ***

Okay, so I warned you. I will surely keep you updated on any progress I make. My goal is to get organized so the only thing I can think of when I'm in this room is ... making jewelry or just being creative.

... and since we are on the topic of posting scary pics ... here's one of James getting captured by Jason (from Friday the 13th) haa!

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