Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Hair Cut!!!

For Mrs. Yum Yum! It's funny how a "puppy cut" actually seems to melt the dog years away. We got Mrs. Yum Yum in 2002 (she's the same age as Jazzy) and Aiyanna got to name her.
It was either Mrs. Yum Yum or Fuzzy Gingersnap Cracker.

(grooming by Yuppie Puppie at Salt Lake Shopping Center)

Check out Aiyanna's new grill!
The tween has been begging for braces since the 2nd grade. When I say begging, I mean BEGGING! Every Christmas, birthday, special occasion, allowance payday = BRACES! So, she finally got them and she is thrilled! She even takes pictures with me now :)

And I know I may be late on this trend but I am loving plaid lately!
At first I thought I may be too round to wear anything patterned but I'm trying to get over it. Those who know me would be shocked to see me in something other than a black tee and jeans
... oh how I wish I were fashionable!

Yes, I do still love making jewelry!
But no, I haven't had time ... phooey!

I did manage to use these awesome pendant charms that J&J brought back from Cali. The star was a gift from cupcake Jamie :) and the two keys were just too cute not to get.
I love the layered look ... and I love baby rolo chain too!

These are the only kinds of projects I have been able to squeeze in lately. I did wire wrap the clasp and ring on... so that counts right ;) ?

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