Friday, December 18, 2009


Whew, the last of five finals in the bag ... breathe in and enjoy this moment.

If you ever watched "Anger Mangement" with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, I'm sure you remember "Don't lose your cool, remember goosefraba."

Little did I know it is a real-life word. Eskimo mothers whisper it to calm their babies. I guess you do learn something new every day :)

So now it is time to head to the mall and start Christmas shopping ....
eek. I thought I enjoyed shopping but NOT REALLY.

Peace be with you during this crazy holiday season.
As I anticipate long lines, no parking, and my endless search for "MindFlex" ...
as my anxiety peaks before I even leave the house ...
as I kick myself [literally] for not taking care of this months ago ....
ahhhhh goosefraba ...
because it is really not the gifts [or lack] of,
it is about spending time and celebrating life with those you love.

merry merry :)

... on a personal note ...

My 94-year old grandfather recently fractured his hip and spent some time in the hospital.
Good news! He is out and both he and my Mom are living with us temporarily.

With radiation taking a toll on him to begin with,
I know his recovery will be long and hard.
(It was so cute to see him come home with his diploma from graduating from treatment. He wanted to make sure my husband saw it and knew he wasn't a baby!)

Patience. Love. Strength.
I know it must be so hard to lose your independence and have to rely on others for help.
We are all learning valuable life lessons together ...
and there are days where my heart breaks but why?
I should continue to celebrate with him and just remember, this is all part of his journey.
Our journey.

My Grandpa
My Hero

The first man I ever saw make googly-eyes at the bikini girls in the commercials.
The first man who ever taught me about initiative, hard work, and perseverance.
I am forever grateful for every life lesson he has taught me and continues to teach me.


  1. thank you for your beautiful poem. your post reminded me why i did not feel compelled to buy a single gift at the mall this season, and why i've spent most of this month listening to people and letting my love shine. one day of heartfelt conversation and true loving is worth more than a carful of shopping bags - thank you ccg! goosefraba to you!

  2. what a beautiful and inspiring post, gina! i just don't know what to say other then you're right. treasure these moments and the ones we love. :)