Saturday, March 20, 2010

Child Labor? Say What?

Thought it might be fun to show you my current stamping process ...

location: dining table & kitchen counter
(I should have took a picture of the unhappy husband ... what? hammering is not music to your ears? oh really?)

some handy tools: sharpie, 2 lb. "drilling" hammer, double stick tape
Jason also gifted me a metal-ish plank that was building infrastructure in its previous life (I think). It is the most awesome thing to stamp on ever. Goes to show you, tools can be created from all kinds of found objects!

A good heavy hammer is also a must. It makes the job a lot easier and it gives you a nice workout too! Can you imagine me with one nice super-toned arm? Ha!

Yes, I train them young.
This is my baby, Rayli, dapping away. Look Mom, I don't even have to look! I have to say her rates are cheap. I miss being a kid and thinking Skittles were currency. I once gave her $5 for helping me and she said, "I can't eat paper. I quit."

Action shot.
And look, no dress code required.
Show up to work in Dora Explorer pjs. You don't even have to comb your hair :) I'm such a super boss right?!

This is another employee of the month.
This is my Jazzy-Cakes, busy concentrating on the details.
I usually like to use Patina Gel to darken the stamped images but good ol' Sharpie can do the trick especially if you are short on time!

Time to polish away with a Sunshine cloth!
Go Jazzy Go!
She was thrilled since yellow is her favorite color ...
I must say, she is a gem to work with and she likes to get paid in Pokemon cards :)

Another must have ... a TUMBLER!
It's like a magic machine.
Dirty stuff goes in and shiny goodness comes out.
No extra work required and all I use is some Dawn dish washing liquid and maybe a few sprays of Quik-Brite. I've had this tumbler in my stash back when my kids wanted to tumble rocks.
If it ever dies, I'm gifting myself a Lortone tumbler.
I've heard they are the best of the best and they last a long time.

Making jewelry is fun ...
but making jewelry with your kiddos & people you love ... AWESOME!

For me, it isn't always about the finished piece, many times I find meaning and worth just through the process itself.
Hey, kind of like life right?

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