Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Oishii = Yummy in Japanese
Kanpai's Sports Bar is the home of deliciousness!
I swear we will find every reason to celebrate and eat at Kanpai's ...
this time we were celebrating Anna's birthday :)

I would have gotten pictures of her awesome Red Velvet white chocolate cake, the lychee alcoholic beverages, the extra crispy fried gizzards, and the ono ahi belly BUT I was too busy eating lol! Oops!

How dare I disregard the golden "picture first, eat after" rule of dining out in the facebook/blog era!

*wafu steak*

*garlic fries*

*spicy garlic chicken & fried rice*

*fried rice with scrambled eggs*

*kim chee edamame*

Now if I could only enjoy walking on the treadmill as much as Rayli does ...

Story behind this picture:
I got tired of the kids goofing off on the treadmill so I said, "If you get on the treadmill, you must have on sneakers, you may not play around with the speed control, and you must walk for at least 15 minutes without getting off."
When I came back, Rayli was walking the treadmill and reading her animal book. Guess she shut me up huh?!

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